GROWDIESEL ELECTRIC TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM (G.E.T.S.) was started with a belief that to change the future of transportation, an innovative solution needs to be adopted. At Growdiesel, we have already pioneered “waste to biofuel” technology. Our rich experience and commercially successful projects have given us the confidence that we can transform the electric mobility world.

After closely working with Delhi government, Maharashtra government, Haryana government, Ministry of small and medium enterprises (MSME), Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), we realized that there was a need for an innovative electric transportation system . If we are dependent on traditional power sources for transport, the industry will not thrive.

For electric transportation industry to thrive, innovative sources of energy production need to be adopted. Unfortunately, solar energy has its own limitations. However, we know that our technology is the answer. In 2018, we successfully commissioned a project for Haryana government in which we convert waste into bio-CNG which gets further converted to electricity. Unlike solar, this can be done 24x7.

Our project site in Haryana was inspected by few government agencies and they floated us a recommendation that maybe we can do something in electric transportation industry. After working and intense evaluation of this recommendation, we took it very seriously to execute. Hence, we tied up with few organisations to put this project on-ground.

Growdiesel Electric Transportation System (G.E.T.S) is launching its own fleet of electric autos which will run on “renewable powered biofuel”. In this system, we will focus to establish a renewable fuel generation system, vehicle charging infrastructure and battery swapping infrastructure. This will be first of its kind project in India. In initial phases, we will be launching G.E.T.S. in Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi. We already have stratergic tie-ups with prominent organisations who will be partnering with us.

How is G.E.T.S. different?

The 2 biggest pain points in electric vehicle industry are:

After studying this industry in detail, we realized that the biggest problem is the improper charging and even bigger problem is heavy battery cost to the driver. Our foremost responsibility is to support our driver partner. By associating with G.E.T.S. the driver doesn’t have to worry about replacing battery ever. He can freely work peacefully without thinking about cost of battery replacement. G.E.T.S. will be investing in high quality batteries and advanced charging systems through its venture fund.

By associating with G.E.T.S. it is estimated that our driver partner will save roughly Rs. 10 lacs over the lifetime that otherwise he would have spent on battery replacement. This will enable the driver partner to sustain with us. Our foremost priority is to give ease to the driver. Our battery swapping infrastructure which is currently reserved for future will give the driver even more flexibility.

Being in the industry since last 20 years, our team of scientists, engineers and business, we know how to put all our partners at ease. We have a very experienced think tank of professors, scientists, IIT-IIM alumnus who are supporting this initiative.

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