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Thousands of tonnes of plastic is generated everyday

As per a government’s survey, a person living in an Indian city or village, on an average produces 300g to 1.2kg of waste every day. Most of this waste either goes to landfills, sewages or dumped on roads. The large landfills are a major source of air pollution. This also causes many deadly diseases. Talking about metropolitan cities like Ghaziabad, it alone generates around 900 Tonnes of waste daily, out of which 10%-15% is plastic waste. This causes immense pollution if not disposed properly.

Plastic Waste To Biofuel

Nature has shown us an excellent way of harvesting solar energy through biological route. Every living cell is an energy power house. Directly or indirectly, it uses solar energy. Every bio-molecule is loaded with energy. We use this energy to drive our lives. When plants make food for us either through their grain or fruit, they also generate a large quantum of energy in paraphernalia like leaves, fruit skins etc. This paraphernalia, if handled properly can provide us a viable option of harvesting that energy.

Growdiesel Ventures Limited developed its WTG2XG technology (Growdiesel’s 1st Generation technology) to extract green diesel from the plastics. This route of harvesting energy through WTG2XG also ensures that we get a strong green-bitumen which can be used for road construction.

The plastic is treated at high temperature and pressure after which it is converted into green crude oil by the use of catalysts. This green crude is further processed to make green diesel. This green diesel can be used to run vehicles, digisets, and generators. The by-product is green-bitumen which is used for road construction

Growdiesel Ventures Limited is working towards a sustainable future for your children and generations to come.