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Growdiesel is India’s No.1 renewable oil & gas exploration and production organization dedicated to the cause of environment, energy and empowerment of fuel farmers. Growdiesel’s core business is to produce and sell renewable cleanfuels.

Growdiesel was founded with a belief that it is possible to transform the future, to take steps and make differences to the lives of millions of people. In line with this core belief, Growdiesel remains focused to develop businesses with ‘triple bottom line’ addressing the aspects of economic, social and environmental benefits. Petroleum gets formed by the compression of fossil and all types of organic matter like algae/ biomass/waste over millions of years.

Growdiesel has developed cutting edge technologies, equipment 3 and catalysts to do it in minutes.

Growdiesel is now establishing modern manufacturing facilities to produce advanced renewable cleanfuels known as Growdiesel NextGenFuels™. These include BioCNG (a substitute for petrol and CNG), green premium diesel (a substitute for conventional diesel) and green Aviation Turbine Fuel (a substitute for petroleum jet fuel) The biggest USP of Growdiesel NextGenFuels™ is that they are Drop-in Fuels it means they can replace fossil fuels in existing engines, vehicles, equipments and entire existing petroleum infrastructure without any modifications. Use of Growdiesel NextGenFuels™ signifies great savings in fresh investments in designing/developing new engines/infrastructure. Growdiesel has Research & Manufacturing Facilities in India. Our specialization lies in developing high-risk ideas into high-value businesses. We achieve this goal through intensive research leading to fabrication of small manufacturing plants and extensively working on such plants. This approach gives us valuable real life experience. Armed with this practical knowledge we move towards commercialization by undertaking project development over its entire life cycle.

Two laws govern the Mother Earth. They are-law of conservation of matter and law of conservation of energy. Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. They only change through various forms. The life cycle is thus an integration of various elemental cycles. It is important that all these cycles must continue in an undisturbed fashion to maintain the Nature’s Cycle.

We must look at every material as a potential resource for fuel. The concept of waste therefore needs to be revamped in totality. In fact there is no waste generated in Nature. Every component that is generated is a part of some cycle. Hence each waste should be reused. We must change the name of Waste BIN to Resource Bin. This will help to change the mental attitude. At present all type of waste is disposed off directly at nearby collection spots.

The substantial quantity of farm waste/cattle waste is used in undigested manner for cultivation of vegetables/crops etc. It is a major cause of pathogens getting into food chain & causing wide spread diseases. As per our observations, around 90 to 95% of waste generated by such farms is biodegradable and can be effectively converted to renewable oil and gas using advanced technologies being developed by Growdiesel.


Growdiesel - The Way Forward:

Growdiesel When we look back we feel elated by our contribution in development of Indian Biofuel Sector. Though the industry is still in its infancy, we feel proud at the way we have travelled overcoming all types of technological, marketing and financial challenges. We have sailed through difficult times 8 due to dedicated efforts of our passionate team. Over the past years, we have infused millions of dollars in biofuel project developmental activities. We feel happy to state that we have travelled so far without any external equity or debt support.

Industry watchers admit that the progress that Growdiesel has made with its own resources is really splendid. As per projections by DOE, USA, the Global clean fuel business is pegged at US$ four trillion by the year 2030. The Indian market is growing at over 7% per anum. Growdiesel is poised to be a leading global player with a substantial market share by 2030.