Corona Mobile Clinic


1. Artificial Intelligence enabled thermal imaging camera
2. Air tight separate cabins for doctors/technicians with sterile environment
3. Sterile and sanitizing equipment for interior cleansing
4. High speed internet enabled with LAN and Wi-Fi facility
5. 24x7 camera surveillance facility for central monitoring
6. Ultraviolet Light protection and sterilization system to kill bacteria
7. Profile guiding lights for patients and doctors along with floor
8. Contactless Wi-Fi enabled control panel for doctor/technician to operate electrical system.
9. Ultra-pure air releasing system powered by KalpaVrikshaTM technology
10. Stretcher available for transporting patient
11. Diffuser based sanitizing system for doctor’s and patient’s zone
12. Partition attached with gloves to conduct seamless sample collection
13. Static sample pass box with interlocking system powered by UV cleaning system to store samples
14. Touch less two-way communication system for doctor<->patient and doctor<->Driver
15. Thermal monitoring screen powered by android operating system.
16. Touch-less sensor based sanitizing dispenser for doctor as well as patient at entry.
17. Climate control system for doctors and patients in place
18. Light Emitting Diode based message display system with modification facility through app based system.
19. Separate entry gates for doctors and patients
20. Cloud based data storage facility
21. Separate Ambulance zone to evacuate critical patients
22. Mobile sanitation system based on dot spray technology for outdoor cleaning of the bus.
23. On board power supply with a digiset
24. Inbuilt separate air conditioning for patient zone and doctor zone
25. Low floor slider added for easy movement of patients.